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Homemade Glass Cleaner

A friend of mine turned me onto cleaning a healthier way and to make it super simple I researched organic cleaning tips online  and discovered  a really wonderful book called Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. It gives great tips, recipes and ideas on how  to clean effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. So a new goal of mine this year was to start making my own cleaning products.  The reason for this is two fold:

1) I want to have products in my home that are safe for our family and don’t add extra allergens, harsh chemical, etc…

2) I want to save money. (This book tells you great recipes for cleaning that cost “Pennies a Day”)!

The first homemade cleaning product I wanted to try was the glass cleaner. I figured it is a product that I use a lot so why not start there (plus my windows could use a good scrub).  So I decided to whip up some glass cleaner. It took less than 2 minutes!  This glass cleaning recipe is so super easy that you will have NO excuse for not giving it a try:)!  Ready? Just follow the simple directions below and sparkling windows here you come!

1) Find a spray bottle (I used a regular spray bottle from the $1.00 store).

2) Fill it half way with water.

3) Fill it the rest of the way with white vinegar

4) Shake well!

5) All done!

This simple easy to make mixture  works great, has no after streaks, residue, or odors. It is also safe enough for my little ones to use with out worrying about Harsh Chemicals. Not to mention it is REALLY Cost Effective!   I will never buy another bottle of Windex again!


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